New Group: Arts for Our Times

In these next few days/months  we are in unprecedented times. Many of us are doing things in ways we haven’t done before.  We are developing an online arts/meditation based healing  group to offer support, create a community and supports our ability to use the arts to move  from fear to having agency.

Is this something that you would be interested in?

If this is something you would like please email  or call us to register.  I envision meeting for an hour, to check in, make art (including music, movement, visual art and poetry) and then a sharing. We will work on a Zoom platform.

 Now is the time for us to become connected. While we need to have physical distancing, we need to have and be socially connected.We are all in this together and my hope is that we can create a community of support,for each other emotionally, and support us to find ways to use this time creatively revsioning our lives and our world.

I am setting the time for an introductory session for this Thursday, March 19 at 10am EST. I will send you a link when you register. You will need a computer or device for the Zoom platform.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Each session By sliding scale. Sessions will be weekly based on when is best for the group. Please let me know if you have specific needs and good times that can help us plan. Call Jennie at 774-202-4646, or email me at


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