What to Expect

Our office is large, light and colorful. In this comfortable and safe DSC03133space, we can meditate, talk, create  art and explore with drama and movement. Another area of the office is used for Energy work, Reiki and Shamanic healing.

Individual and family sessions are 60-75 minutes long and by appointment only. Session length and content may vary depending on the your needs.
A sliding fee scale is offered.

What skills do you need?DSC01252

Artistic or acting experience is NOT required at all! The therapy is individually tailored to meet your needs, and you are a co-creator in the process. I provide technical guidance and support as needed, and the opportunity to explore issues of concern using a variety of expressive arts. Some days we might use art, other days we might use Psychodrama or another expressive modality to understand your situation.

I place great value on facilitating processes that allow clients to meet their goals, always within appropriate ethical boundaries. I adhere to the code of ethics from  the American Association of Art Therapists, the International Association


for Expressive Arts Therapists and the International Reiki Association. Copies of these ethical standards are given at the beginning of therapy.

Please call for fee schedule and to set up an appointment (802) 860-6203.