Shamanism and Curanderismo

P1080688Shamanism and Curanderismo

My teachers were shamans; some were also curanderos,  a “folk”  healing tradition from Spain, and some practiced Candomblé, an Afro-Brazilian religious tradition.

Shamanism is deeply rooted in the natural world. We say that the Earth is our home, a house made of the Great Weathers, sunrises and sunsets, and all living things. We know that everything in the natural world is alive and awake, has spirit, and can become an ally in life.

Traditionally, shamans and curandera/os work with the spirits on behalf of others and the community. In Latin America, shamanism, and curanderismo became intertwined. In the Brazilian Amazon these traditions are often joined with traditional practices from Africa. All are animistic, meaning  practitioners work with the nature spirits, including plants, and Ancestors. Rather than the practitioner having power over the spirits, the spirits and practitioner form a mutually beneficial relationship.

My teachers have come from many places: the Brazilian Amazon, Peru, Mexico, Siberia, and North America. Please note that although two of my most treasured teachers were Amazonian, I do not use hallucinogenic plants in my practice.

Traditional healing makes a distinction between curing and healing. Sometimes, even when we try with all our heart, we cannot be cured of what afflicts us. Yet, even then, often we can find deep and lasting healing.

Shamanic aid can be an effective adjunct to medical treatment or counseling. Most issues can be addressed in one to three sessions. Rarely, more complex problems may require additional meetings.

When you contact me I may “look into” whether I can be helpful before scheduling a first meeting.

I offer shamanic aid both in person and at a distance, and often work with Jennie.  I am often asked what constitutes a fair payment. I suggest you decide what you might be able to readily afford on a scale of $5-200 for a session, and donate that amount. If I need to travel I ask that you keep in mind the added time and expense. Please do not allow finances to prevent you from asking for the aid you need.

We  look forward to meeting you.