Expressive Arts Therapy Supervision

Expressive Arts Therapy Supervision

Facilitated by Jennie Kristel, MA, REAT, APTT

6 Month online group (meeting 1 time per month)

Meetings will be via Zoom platform

This supervision group will meet monthly via Zoom for therapists who are interested in pursuing the REAT credential through the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) and are wanting group hours toward this.

Expressive arts therapy supervision is a relation and arts based dialogue to support reflective, cooperative facilitation process to provide ethical and professional guidance with the goals of developing and strengthening sound expressive arts therapy practices.

We will, over 6 months, explore the foundational practices of using the expressive arts in therapy, singular arts compared to intermodal, or superimpositionally using the arts, in and as therapy, explore the architecture of a session, transference and counter transference issues, ethical dilemmas, case studies, and most importantly, questions that you have both individually and as a group. How do we bring the arts online, and issues stemming from our work and lives during the pandemic will also be explored.

 Using the arts as a point of inquiry, we will use the arts as well as dialogue to explore our questions, and aesthetic responses to the material.

While supervision is not therapy, we will be exploring how our personal selves enters the work. It is encouraged for you to have outside support if needed.

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