We and Our world: An Expressive Arts Group for Women.

The world is as it is and we are all still evolving with it. There is much to celebrate and to mourn.

How are you? How are you really?

How are you enduring the Pandemic? How did or is Covid-19 affecting you? What was and still is your lived experience? What lessons and learnings would you like to take with you and what would you like to leave behind? What needs healing in yourself and in the community? These are some of the questions we will creatively explore during this 8-week Zoom based intermodal expressive arts group. Come as you are into this sacred place of shared creativity and connection.

This is a time for Self, Reflection, and Sacred Community. Each week we will explore different topics to help us explore what has been, what is our experience and what we want/desire to become. Using what you have we will co-create together a way to step forward. Just a willingness to step in and come as you are. We will utilize all the arts, Nature and our stories. No experience in the arts necessary.

Beginning Thursdays September 9 (not meeting September 23 )


Sliding Scale-$15-$40 USD per session. (No one turned away for lack of funds)

To register: https://forms.gle/WyX5yqHD6HM7EJ3j8

Led by Jennie Kristel, REAT, APTT, RMT

Jennie is a Registered expressive arts therapist, facilitator, and professor. She is in private practice, specializing in grief, loss and intergenerational trauma. She is an international trainer of expressive therapies, and Playback Theatre, and has worked extensively in Southeast Asia offering introductory trainings in expressive therapies to counseling centers and psychology programs.She integrates Qi Gong, Playback Theatre, psychodrama,  Toy and Object Theatre to examine and explore issues such as trauma, as aspects stemming from this including erasure, intersectionality, diversity inclusion and exclusion and its impacts into her work.   She is most interested in using art for social change and to support those in need to develop their voice to create change in their own lives. 

Jennie Presenting at ASGPP

Jennie will be presenting at this year’s American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama Conference in early April. She will present a workshop and co-host the Closing Gathering/Ritual.

Her Workshop: “What Masks do we wear?” Given the global aspects of the Pandemic, do we keep masked to keep going? Who is it we unmask to survive? Or to free ourselves? What other masks do we wear? Mask making is a powerful tool that can be used in any clinical setting to enhance emotional development, strengthen ego state/identity work, and explore hidden parts of the Self. Participants will make their own masks and explore through psychodramatic empty chair.

Closing Ritual and Passing of the Torch:

You are invited to the ASGPP Conference Closing Ceremony.Come celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Psychodrama and share moments from our first virtual ASGPP Psychodrama Conference. There will be Playback Theatre and a passing of the torch to the 2022 conference committee in Chicago. Please join us!

The Listening Hour

Dear Friends!!

I hope you are safe and well in this unprecedented and strange time. In the last few weeks, along with all of you, I have been mulling over the current coronavirus and its impact around the world. In this process, one of my mentors, Jonathan Fox, developed a project for  a way for people to share stories through a virtual platform and  connect those who may be stuck at home. It is called the Listening Hour.  It is a way for us to share our personal stories in a nonjudgmental way. The experience is designed to be enjoyable and give us some positive energy for our day by simply sharing our stories. Continue reading “The Listening Hour”

New Group: Arts for Our Times

We are in unprecedented times. Many of us are doing things in ways we haven’t done before.  We are developing an online arts/meditation based healing  group to offer support, create a community and supports our ability to use the arts to move  from fear to having agency.

Is this something that you would be interested in?

If this is something you would like please email  or call us to register.  I envision meeting for an hour, to check in, make art (including music, movement, visual art and poetry) and then a sharing. We will work on a Zoom platform.

Now is the time for us to become connected. While we need to have physical distancing, we need to have and be socially connected.We are all in this together and my hope is that we can create a community of support,for each other emotionally, and support us to find ways to use this time creatively revsioning our lives and our world.

Call Jennie at 774-202-4646, or email me at jkrstel61@hotmail.com

What Others Say About Working With Us

Jennie Kristel is an incredible trainer and healer. Over the last two years, Jennie has visited my theatre group ‘The Actors Collective’ thrice and helped us become more authentic in our Playback Theatre journey. Her repertoire of skills is vast and encompasses multiple forms and approaches which makes her an extremely useful resource. Over her last three visits, Jennie has conducted diverse workshops on strengthening our practice, using puppetry in our work, introducing the symbolism of dreams, psychodrama, developing conducting skills and overall guidance. More than a great trainer, Jennie facilitates tremendous amount of emotional breakthroughs in the participants. This, I have personally observed. Her dedication, clarity of thought, innovativeness and deep sensitivity to fellow participants; make her a very rare kind of teacher and guide. I have seen my group and me personally grow tremendously under Jennie’s coaching. I am delighted that Jennie is our chief mentor and know that under guidance my group will only grow further. Continue reading “What Others Say About Working With Us”

Reiki and Shamanic Counseling

Jennie offers Reiki, which seeks to bringing universal life energy to the aid of the client, who lies or sits, fully clothed.  As a Reiki Master, Jennie gently moves and directs universal energy, clears unwanted or unhealthy energy from the client, and encourages profound relaxation and comfort. Continue reading “Reiki and Shamanic Counseling”

Honoring the Stories We live

At JourneyWorks we recognize that stories are central to life. We understand that the stories we are told, and those we tell ourselves and others, shape our understanding of the lives we lead.

We know that many stories are sacred and must be honored and approached with reverence. Such stories guide us as we live our lives. They nurture us, aid us as we seek to make sense of our life path, offer hope and solace, and support us in developing relationship with that which is larger than ourselves.

We will work with you as you explore the stories that shape and enrich you, and support you as you seek to find the stories that can guide you in living your preferred way of living.

Building Community

Deep healing happens with the support of community. We encourage community by offering classes, workshops, and groups in the Expressive  Arts Therapies, the Arts, Reiki, and Shamanic Healing. We acknowledge the turning  of the year, and our relationship to the Earth, by offering seasonal gatherings and ceremony. On occasion we work with community partners to create opportunities for the community to meet visiting artists and healers, or to address community concerns.