Leadership Development

Developing community is necessary to create a strong organization. Learning to communicate, and collaborate are necessary skills.                              

We offer experiential team building exercises based on educational games from Playback Theatre, a unique form of improv theatre and storytelling, as well as Sociometry and the expressive arts to support communication, build community, and make visible the needs, wants and dreams of the organization and people within that organization.

 What are the possible outcomes?

  •  An increased awareness and ability to handle differences
  • A Clarification of the values of the organization
  • Increased trust in the team members
  • Enhanced safety in being part of the team
  • More effective resolution of conflict  laden situations
  • Openness to the new and different
  • Exploring the potential of creativity and spontaneity
  • Increased flexibility in handling unexpected situations
  • Stronger capacity to make decisions as an individual and as a group
  • Develop Self confidence to face challenges
  • Identifying the Positives and developing resilience as individuals and as a group
  • Having Fun!
Other skills developed
  • Self-awareness
  • Clear communication
  • Body expression
  • Focus
  • Voice projection-and attunement with how we project
  • Heart based interactions
  • Developing safety
  • Deep listening
  • Collaboration
  • Search for the essence of each situation
  • Developing intuition

Please call Jennie at 774-202-4646 or email: journeyworks@hotmail.com to discuss your organization’s needs, pricing and scheduling.