I began doing Reiki in 1994. I studied with Dechen Rheualt, and became a teacher in 2002 and with Kathy Lapinski in 2003.  I am the fourth generation from Dr. Usui, and I am a Registered Reiki  Teacher in both the Usui and Karuna lineages and have integrated Reiki into my overall work.


Reiki (Ray ki) is the Japanese word for A Universal Life Force.   Reiki derives from the work of a Japanese teacher, Mikao Usui, and Dr. Hayashi, who studied with Usui. Having a Reiki treatment requires no specific setting or preparation, so Reiki can be utilized in many different settings, including hospitals, hospices, emergency rooms, and other patient settings.   Reiki can be used to support a person through emotional, physical and spiritual crises, or as a preventative tool to maintain good health and ease everyday stress. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful tool for change in self and the planet. Anyone can benefit from Reiki treatments.

HOW DOES REIKI WORK?                        P1080683

All people have energy! Reiki Practitioners have received teachings and attunements which sensitizes their energy flow. Reiki can be given to the client both in person and from a  distance.


In a face-to-face session, the client, fully clothed, lies on a massage table or chair. After a short check in about the purpose of the visit, the practitioner lays her hands on, or above, the body of the individual receiving the treatment, allowing Reiki energy to move through the client, releasing tension and distress; Reiki can even be received through casts and bandages. When receiving a treatment you may feel moving energy (such as a gurgling stomach, coughing or sneezing) and other sensations as old stresses are released. Often a treatment feels deeply relaxing.   You are always in control, and there are no known side effects to receiving Reiki.


Reiki can also be offered through distance treatments, and I work with both people and animals around the world. After an initial phone or video conversation, I will perform the Reiki treatment, preferably at a designated time so that both of us are tuning in at the same time. Following the session, another call completes the process. Please ask about setting up an appointment.

REIKI BOWL:                                              DSC00544

If you you like your name or someone who is needing support to be put in our Reiki Bowl, I will offer distance Reiki to those whose names are in the bowl weekly.


Research is now proving that the use of energywork such as Reiki can shift neural pathways by supporting a relaxation response in the brain. This supports a release from trauma responses such as Fight, Flight or Freeze. By integrating energy  work or other expressive method you are able to access material in the prefrontal cortex with more ease By  integrating Reiki and/or other energy work with the expressive arts, and verbal therapy as you work through deeply emotional and personal issues, one is able to build tolerance, and resilience, allowing for greater meaning and expression.

I often work with Tuning Forks, “clicking”, and support individuals with deepening and/or beginning a mindfulness/Breath practice. I also use Qi Gong to help alleviate stress, depression and grief.

I adhere to a strict Code of Ethics as outlined by the International Association of Reiki Practitioners, as well the Code of Ethics by the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.

Reiki Trainings:

Reiki I

This class is designed for the beginner Reiki student. In addition to being introduced to the history of the Usui Shiki Ryōhō lineage of Reiki and its principles and precepts, this class supports the development of your natural intuitive senses. Students are taught the traditional Japanese Reiki hand positions for practice on oneself and others,including pets and plants and are initiated to the First level of Reiki energy, known as Shoden, which translates as “Elementary/Entry Teachings.” This class places attention on the personal application of Reiki, such as self-practice and self-care, and gives you tools for working with others effectively.  Cost: $150.00

Reiki II:

Students who have completed Reiki I training will be attuned to the Reiki II symbols, and to the ways in which one offers Reiki to others. All information and techniques are covered in this 1.5 day training, with ample practice time set aside. Reiki II level is also known as “Okuden” or Inner level. This is a time in which we go deeper in our practice as Reiki practitioners.

Information and techniques covered include:

  •  Advanced Reiki Hand positions
  • Giving a complete Reiki treatment, with symbols
  • Using Reiki for specific conditions
  • The Reiki II symbols and how to use them
  • Using Reiki to heal unwanted habits
  • Distant Healing
  • Developing a Reiki Business

Cost: $175.00

Reiki III:

In level III, known as Shinpiden, is known as the  “Mystery Teachings,” students engage in an intensive training program that offers a thorough review of the First and Second degree teachings and teaches the the final “Master” symbols. In addition to learning the application of the final “Master” symbols, this course places emphasis on the mastership of Reiki Natural Healing as a healing modality, both theoretically and historically. Drawing on each student’s practice and personal experiences, this course moves to understand Reiki not just as a healing practice, but also as a lifestyle of living in “balance.” Student’s will be encouraged to share their understandings in such ways. Students will also receive tools for facilitating workshops and classes in the community, and receive on-going small business consultation to help them fine-tune their management and marketing skills throughout their career. During this level, students will create a workshop and use other students  to practice.

33 hour training

Cost: $300.00

Teacher level

This training is available for students who have completed their Master Degree and wish to become Reiki  Teachers and teach Reiki to others. In this training program, students shadow a Ma Teacher in the field, and are supported individually, from start to finish, in teaching the First, Second, and Master degrees of Reiki. In this class, students receive the final “teaching” Reiki symbol and learn to initiate others. This program is done individually. Discussions will include using Reiki in clinical and non clinical settings such as mental health, Hospice, hospitals and daycares. The basic training is 25 hours spread out to include shadowing teachers and practicing giving a level I, II and III class.

Cost: $500.00


Reiki is passed through attunements from Master to Student, the attunements opening the student to the flow of energy. Once attuned, you can work with the energy for the rest of your life. Both adults and children can be attuned to, and learn, Reiki. Please contact me if you are interested in learning Reiki. Classes in Reiki I, II Animal Reiki and Master level are offered regularly throughout the year.


In person Reiki Sessions: $75.00 (90 minute session)

Long Distance Reiki: $45.00

Animal Reiki: In person or Long Distance $30.00 (Usually 45-60 minute sessions)

Integrated Healing /psychotherapy sessions are $75.00

Reiki Bowl:  This is a free service, but you are free to offer a donation if you are moved to. You can leave a donation on our Payment page

A sliding fee scale is available.