Psychotherapy and Coaching

Please note: Michael is retiring and is no longer accepting new psychotherapy clients. He is available for coaching and shamanic aid.

We offer psychotherapy (Vermont residents only) and life coaching for individuals, couples, families, and facilitation for groups. Our work is trauma informed and multimodal. We draw from:

Expressive Arts Therapy  which includes drumming, movement, drama (including Psychodrama and Playback Theatre), vocal sounding, or drawing and  painting, creating sculpture, and making poetry or other creative writing.

Come into our studio! Work with your whole life experience. More information!

Narrative and Shamanism informed ways of working that will support you in finding the rich stories and preferred ways of living that may have been obscured by, or lost to, the problems which sometimes beset our lives. In Narrative practice we say, “The person is NOT the problem. The problem is the problem.” More Information!

Somatic and shamanic practices that help you listen to the transformative wisdom of your body. Somatic practices including Focusing, are an important part of the work of repairing the harm of recent and multi-generational trauma.