Coronovirus Update

We anticipate that for the next several weeks we will be working from home.

We continue to provide psychotherapy, Reiki, and shamanic counseling and aid. All of these modalities can be effectively delivered at a distance, and we are available to meet with you via teleconference or phone. We offer a sliding fee scale for services not covered by insurance. (At this time most insurance companies cover teletherapy but do not cover telephone based therapy.)

We are collectively going through a very difficult time. There is much fear, confusion, and panic, and many are feeling increasing financial distress. We encourage you to stay in touch with friends and family, to care for yourself and others, and to remember that pandemics inevitably pass.

In this time of Earth changes, virus, and financial insecurity, we encourage you to ask for the support and aid you need. If you are able, spend time in the garden, enjoy the sunshine (15 minutes boosts mood and the immune system), and write, make art, music, dance, and theatre. Then show us what you are making! and share it with others online!